Regreso Triunfal

After giving you a long break from me, I'm honored to introduce you to the "Barbie Store" world. I had an incredible time last Sunday.
To start with, me, my brother, cousin and aunt, went to town. While walking, we ran into this amazing store. I was the first one to notice that a weird pink wall stood out from the common houses. As soon as I saw it I screamed. At the entrance you could see this amazing light pink car (see picture above).
After we took a photo, I begged my family to enter.-of course my brother wanted to scape from there- GOSH! everything was sooo gorgeous. I mean, I may sound a litle bit too childlish, but I sware this was amazing.
As you enter, on both sides of the store are cloths. Of course their were just for kids, but beautiful the same. If you kept on walking, there is a style hairbrush-makeup thing, were human Barbies will make you look like a DIVA! Though each look costs $94. Too much for me.
There is also a drugstore that sells sweet cookies and cakes and cupcakes and etc. Moreover, there is a stand where Barbies from all times are exposed.
Finally, when I thought that was all the trip, behind an enormous pink door you find costums to wear in a mini runway, millions of doll houses, toys, pencils to draw.. oh, a dream come true.
I still have a big smile on my face. I'll upload more pictures for you know this awesome place.
Happiness for all. Louise.